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Following a 35-year career in the Public Sector, Richard Gadd established Developing Business Excellence, a private limited company, which offers discerning businesses and individuals values-based, person-centred business improvement consultancy, executive coaching and mentoring. 

Apart from its close proximity to York, what sets Developing Business Excellence apart from its competitors are the following factors.

We are more experienced, better qualified, better educated, and better regulated than most other SMEs in York.  We are fellows of three professional organisations, whose Codes of Ethical Conduct govern our behaviour.

Our business offer is available to view on line at, from where you can also access our latest feedback.

We offer a bespoke garden office for confidential consultations, in a safe and non-threatening environment.If, after conducting our virtual free Suitability Assessment, we fail to convince you of our person-centred, values-based, and authentic approach, you will have a much clearer understanding of your requirement. 

We are an intrinsically motivated business, who exist to enable others to succeed.  Your success is our success.  We uphold our values of integrity, selfless commitment, respect for others, authentic leadership, and sense of humour.  Why would you look anywhere else?


07791 646270


Developing Business Excellence
Brabourne House
2 Trinity Close
Stockton on the Forest
YO32 9ZE

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