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It’s all about the angle…

45 degrees – The angle of trajectory at which something will travel the furthest possible distance. That’s what we aim to do with your online business, take it further by leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies so it works harder for you.

45 degrees – The angle of the revenue growth curves we like to return for clients with our approach to online marketing

45 degrees gives us the edge on our competitors and gives you the edge on your competitors too.

Edge45 is a digital marketing agency aiming to rewrite the agency rule book. We offer everything you’d expect – SEO, PPC, Email, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Online Branding, Merchandising and Affiliate Marketing etc. – but in a completely new and refreshing way.

We differ by putting service ahead of profit, Edge45’s core focus is helping businesses (especially start-ups and SMEs) achieve tangible results on limited budgets in the fastest time possible. We don’t sell a service because it’s good for us; we provide a service because it’s good for the client. We believe in paying things forward, building trust and creating relationships that last.

Our broad knowledge of the digital marketing space allows us to give companies an honest appraisal of their online presence. We know what a business needs to make the leap to the next level, and we’re happy to provide them with the expertise that will help them grow. Plus, we provide all of this without the risk of lengthy, binding contracts that are so familiar elsewhere in the industry. If you were a small business owner on a tight budget, would you go anywhere else?


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