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Flickering Light Studio helps small local businesses tell big stories and build their brand with great design, photography and video. Services include all aspects of digital and print design - labels, posters, business cards, logos, digital banners, email design - as well as video and photography for marketing or web content.

Services include:

Digital Design

We live in the digital age, and your company needs to stand out from the crowd online. Social imagery, advertising banners, email layouts. pretty much everything that you present to the world on a screen needs to tell your story with same passion as you have for.

Print Design

Pretty much everything needs to be designed. Logos, business cards, leaflets, menus, stand up banners, posters, newsletters, and much more. Who can do all that? Me, actually… you’re welcome!

Website Design

Your website is your shop window. You need to make sure it looks good when someone virtually walks by. I can build you a swish new Wordpress site, that you can maintain yourself (if you like, or I can, your choice).


Photography makes or breaks your promo materials. To stand out you need professional headshots and photos that make your business look as slick an operation as you know it is.


Video killed the radio star and now it’s coming for you. The ultimate eye-catching promotion, Mark Zuckerburg says it’s the future and I agree.

Brand Strategy

You live and die by your brand. Your logo, colour choices, brand voice, print literature, social imagery, business cards, all need to sing the same song. That is where I can help.


Flickering Light Studio
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